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WeiKeLai Welding Technology Co.,Ltd is a new generation science & technology enterprise.

Relying on the advanced equipment, mature formulation of surfacing material and hardfacing process technique, we are committed to provide customer quality wear products & welding services at competitive prices. Our qualified professionals offer a variety of services such as Wear Steel Plate production & distribution, Welding Recondition & Pre-protection, and Other Consult Service about wear solution.

WeiKeLai company strives to improve customer satisfaction through continual improvement of the quality management system, processes and the assurance of conformity to customer, statutory and/or regulatory requirements.
As an professional manufacturer, we have our own wire production equipment and welding equipment, we focus on production of Chromium Carbide Overlay Plate(wear plate), Wear Parts, Roller/Table Liner Repair & Pre-protection, Flux Cored Wire, etc…

By good anti-wear performance, advanced welding technology, excellent abrasion resistant material, our products have been made various successful applications including Power Generation, Cement Industry, Steel Mills, Mining Industry, Glass Industry, Construction, Aggregate...where need to be anti severe wearing out.

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